Welcome to the offical website of BunkerZ.nl Records, a dutch based label in the styles of tomorrow!
We are a label with the next generation of artists from all over the globe, bringing the music to you.

We Search

Our collective comprises of produsers, psychologist, artists, designers, educator, writers and arts administrators,whose aims are to build a research network to support sharing of knowledge and collaborative learning. One of the core visions of our organisation is to search across various disciplines for common threads that can be stitched together to offer multiple vantage points for reflections. We hope to seek new knowledge through searching and experimenting with different music styles interventions and dancing crowd.

You Want

A demo (from "demonstration") is a song or group of songs recorded for limited circulation or reference use rather than for general public release... Demo@BunkerZ.nl

Your Demo

21 December 2015

Your Demo

We’re always on the hunt for new quality products so if you believe you’ve created a hit, we are more than happy to receive your demo(s). When you send your demo keep in mind that we’re not interested in mixes and mash-ups – we’re only looking for your production skills. Please understand that it takes time to listen to all the demos we receive so be patient while awaiting an answer.

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